This is the training program for the test «Test of Russian as a Foreign Language» (TORFL) – the international exam which is designed to determine the level of proficiency in Russian.

The test is conducted up to three times a year at the offices of the Head Centre of testing foreign citizens in the Russian language and is supervised by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science among those for whom the Russian language is not native. In the case of passing the examination the candidate is awarded with the state-recognized certificate of the corresponding level.

The course is designed to prepare for the test in order to obtain a certificate. At the beginning of the course, we define your level of proficiency in Russian and recommend which certificate to prepare for.

Russian language classes are given by Skype and in real time, like in ordinary schools. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher calls to the student on Skype.

At the lesson the teacher explains the new topic, practices it and gives homework.

The general Russian course by Skype program is provided for the following levels of language proficiency:

Absolute beginner
A1 Elementary
A2 pre-intermediate
B1 intermediate
B2 Upper-intermediate
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficiency

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