How it works

We offer you Russian classes via Skype

The studying begins with a trial lesson where the teacher determines the level of student’s language skills.

The trial lesson with a Russian-speaking teacher is free of charge. The trial lesson lasts for 30 minutes.

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free lesson!
The schedule and education program are made after the trial lesson.

While planning the education program we take into account your goals of studying Russian.

Classes are usually conducted individually or in groups. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher calls the student or make Skype-conference.

Classes are conducted in real time like in usual schools.

The lessons are absolutely the same as the lessons with private tutors.

At the lesson the teacher explains the material, discusses it with the student and gives homework.

What is included in the training?

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    Grammar is a language frame. Without grammar the meaning of a statement may become unclear or even the opposite to what you intended to say. That is why grammar is really important in language learning.

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    It is widely known that a phrasebook is the most useless book in the world, of course, you can ask a question, but the problem is that you will get the answer. In order not to get in such a situation one should train listening skills. While training this aspect, studying by Skype has a great advantage, as it is much easier to understand everybody in personal contact. This is reason why people who are quite skillful in the language get lost while speaking by phone. Studying by Skype solves this problem. Besides, the more you listen the better you memorize Russian words and expressions.

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    While reading texts you need not only understand them but also be able to get the main idea, retell and make up your own mind about it. The teats are chosen according to your interests and goals.

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    In written tasks students train not only the ability to express their thoughts competently, logically and consistently, but also the ability to write in different styles such as official letters, articles, essays etc.

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    If you want to learn how to swim – do it! The same principle works in the case of spoken language, the best way to learn how to speak Russian is practice. The teacher speaks to the student on the chosen topic, teaching them how to express their thoughts fluently and helping to overcome the language barrier.