For tourists

This intensive online course of Russian for traveling will prepare you for a comfortable stay in Russia. You will be able to communicate with the local people on the necessary topics without any aid of an interpreter. The main focus of the course is aimed at the analysis of different situations that may take place while travelling:

At the airport (reading signs and directions ) In the hotel (room booking, asking for cleaning, asking to change the room etc. ). How to place an order in a restaurant (the menu, prices, local currency). Shopping (size, colours). Car rent. How to ask the way (how can I get to the Red Square).

The online course Russian for Tourists is designed for those who are going on a journey, but do not have enough time for a full course. Before the classes, we consider the student’s wishes, their goals and level of knowledge, i.e. this program is developed individually for each student.

After the course of Russian for tourists you will be able to communicate during your travelling abroad, to carry on a dialogue at the airport or in the hotel or restaurant.

Russian language classes are given by Skype and in real time, like in ordinary schools. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher calls to the student on Skype.

At the lesson the teacher explains the new topic, practices it and gives homework.

The general Russian course by Skype program is provided for the following levels of language proficiency:

Absolute beginner
A1 Elementary
A2 pre-intermediate
B1 intermediate
B2 Upper-intermediate
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficiency

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