Levels of the Russian language knowledge

One of the basic systems of determining the level of language proficiency is CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The system was developed by the Council of Europe and is used to determine the level of language proficiency.

The main idea of CEFR is the method of assessment and education which can be applied to any European language. There are 6 levels in CEFR: A (A1 and A2) – elementary competence in the language, B (B1 and B2) – independent user, C (C1 and C2) – proficiency in the language.

Absolute beginner

If you have never learnt Russian, welcome to the course which starts with the alphabet.

A1 Elementary

If you know some words and phrases and can slowly say basic information about yourself or understand a simple question (though not from the first time), your choice is the course of elementary Russian.

A2 pre-intermediate

If you do not get scared when a foreigner addresses you in Russian and just ask them to repeat the question, and not only understand it but can explain how to get to the nearest hotel, if you remember at least the number of cases in Russian, if you can read a simple text and write a short noste, your level is pre-intermediate.

B1 intermediate

If you are quite confident at expressing your thoughts, you can use most of common grammar constructions, you read simple books, using the dictionary from time to time, and you can write a detailed letter to your friend about your summer holidays, your level is intermediate.

B2 Upper-intermediate

If you are good at grammar, except nuances, you can use it quite well and if somebody points you at your mistake, you exclaim “Oh!” and immediately remember the necessary rule, if you can write any text, although you are not really skillful in different styles, if you can watch film and programs in original, read books almost without a dictionary and talk to native speaker just for pleasure, your level is upper-intermediate.

C1 Advanced

If you read authentic texts not only for educating purposes, but just for pleasure, if you watch Russian films in original, as translation does not show all the wealth of jokes, if you are aware of not only common grammar, but are familiar with the nuances and exclusions, if the language has already become an instrument for you, your level is advanced.

C2 Proficiency

You speak the language as if you are a high educated native speaker.