The lessons are given by Skype only


1. Lessons may last for 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

2. The timetable is arranged by the teacher and the student (group of students). The time is arranged according to UTC+1 (Berlin, Rome, Paris).

3. After the lessons have taken place, they are displayed at the website in the teacher’s and student’s personal accounts with attendance and homework. The schedule is filled in by the teacher.

Cancellation and transfer of lessons

1. Individual lessons can be transferred if the student has warned the teacher no later than 24 hours before the lesson by e-mail or via Skype. If the student has not warned the teacher 24 hours before the lesson, the lesson is not transferred and the student must pay the sum equal to 50% of the lesson price.

2. The student can transfer no more than one lesson out of 4. If lessons are transferred more often they must be paid as absence.

3. Group classes cannot be cancelled, i.e. if the student studies in a group and misses a class, it is paid.

4. Group classes can be transferred if both the teacher and all students agree.

5. If the student is absent, the teacher tries to contact them for 15 minutes after the lesson has started. If the teacher does not succeed, the lesson is considered to be missed by the student. It is not transferred and student must pay the sum equal to 50% of the lesson price.

6. If the teacher is absent during 15 minutes after the lesson has started, the lesson is considered to be missed by the teachers fault and is transferred to the day and time convenient for the student.

Homework checking

Homework is checked directly at the lesson. If the teacher and the student agree to check homework before or after lessons and the teacher has free time in their schedule, in this case this work is paid in the following way: 60 minutes spent by the teacher on checking homework are equal to 30 minutes of a lesson, 90 minutes are equal to 45 minutes of a lesson. If checking homework takes less than 60 minutes, e.g. 45minutes, then two 45-minute checks are equal to 45 minutes of a lesson.


1.The first trial lesson with Russian-speaking teachers is free of charge. The lesson lasts for 30 minutes.

2. If you sign up for a trial lesson and miss it without warning, the second trial lesson must be paid. If you transfer the arranged trial lesson more than one time, the trial lesson must be paid.

3. The following lessons are paid according to the type of learning.

4. Before the first paid lesson the student pays for two lessons.

5. In the future, the minimum payment - 4 lessons

6. The payment must be received at the school account no later than 24 hour before the lesson.

7. The commission for the money transfer, while paying for the services, is paid by the student.


1. Refund is paid only for individual lessons or mini-group lessons. The payment for group lessons subscription is not refundable.

2. Refund is possible if the student refuses the lessons. In case of refund all the commissions for money transfer are paid by the student.

3. If any discount was provided for the lessons but the sum of money has not been used, the prices for these lessons are recalculated without discount.

4. The account duration and the possibility to withdraw the remaining funds is 1 year since the last lesson.

5. Refund is transferred via Paypal

Textbooks and supplementary materials

1. The teacher sends the student electronic versions of the necessary materials. The student may purchase paper versions of the materials. The school does not send paper versions of textbooks or any other supplementary materials.